Fresh Fit


Sam McGuinness is an entrepreneur who I’ve been working with on several projects providing logo design, branding and packaging.

Fresh Fit is one of his most recent business, it’s a sport clothing company and I’ve designed the logo for the clothing company. He was looking for something clean and minimal.

We always work well together, and he has a clear idea of what he wanted in the logo, so it came out easily and helps create the brand that compliments the clothing style.

Fresh Fit - Logo Design Ireland
Logo Design Ireland - Fresh Fit
Logo Design Irealnd - Clothing Company
Logo Design Clothing Company - Ireland

I have been working with Elena for the last 18 months , on the creation on 3 different brands.Time and time again Elena’s work surpasses my expectations. I find it incredibly easy to portray my ideas and thoughts along the process, anytime which I have sought feedback it has always been honest and prompt. Elena put’s the finishing touches to all my creative ideas about brand imagery. Having seen the work of other graphic designers , I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my design work.
Each of my brand’s come across effectively to our customers and are beautiful on the eye.They are constantly complimented.
To conclude, Elena is a pleasure to work with, she is extremely balanced in creativity and professionalism and a rare find, a true asset to my business career. I recommend Elena to everyone, except my competitors 🙂

Sam McGuinness

Founder&CEO , Fresh Fit Apparel & GymJar

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