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ITERATE & IMPROVE: 3 Branding & Design Refreshes

Menu Design

Not all projects are logo projects and that’s ok. Whilst it’s true that a lot of my project work is for full logo design and branding during any given week I could be working brochures, logos, packaging, web design. Here are some recent projects that I’ve worked on to give you flavour of what is happening.

Client – Asador
Objective – The brief for the project was to upgrade their various menus to give them a more professional look and to provide them with the menus in a format that could be easily updated in house.

In total there were over 10 menus to update for lunch menu, a la carte, cocktail menu, wine list, terrace menu, dessert menu and a few special menus. I gave the menus a more modern style and a cleaner look. The rustic style font used on the logo is used on the different menus to give a more balance look and the branding colour, burgundy, is also used on the menus (without being too overpowering). 1 or 2 sections of the menus are highlighted with ornamental touches or minimalist frames to catch the clients attention, such as the Cocktails or Asador Steaks sections.

The files provided to the clients are editable and they can make small changes (.ie prices, ingredients…) anytime. Visit to check their different menus.

Business Card & Flyer Design

Client – Stylesnatcher
Objective – The client was looking to upgrade her branding, logo, business card, promotional flyers – the works! The client was looking for a new vibe for her company, a more minimal look. I don’t only design logos, I create a complete branding package with business cards, headed paper, social media suite and also packaging. This project was a bit of a 180 compared to the previous look and feel but I think it works!

The business cards and flyer were designed to promote her instagram account. For the front of the business card and flyer I’ve used a marble pink texture matching the colours of the branding: soft pink and grey. For the back of the business card and flyer I’ve used the nice soft pink as the main colour so the info (in white) pops nicely.

Packaging Design

Client – Sculpted by Aimee Connolly
Objective – The client produces a make up product and the company is becoming very popular in Ireland due to the Aimee’s popularity on social media and growing profile. She needed an icon to be used in small packaging and where the whole logo won’t fit easily. The idea was to create an icon that complements the logo so that’s why the same “S” from Sculpted was used so customers and clients can identify the packaging as being from Aimee straight away. The “S” is framed by a square frame so it’s easy to use separately.

A nice pink-chrome gradient colour was chosen for the icon and the same colour was added to the logo to balance the whole design. The image of the packaging below is a suggestion for her packaging where you can see how the logo and the icon work together or separately nicely.

If you need help with any upcoming projects – regardless of the scope – the get in touch by filling in the form here or e-mailing me at [email protected] or contact me here

Illustrated Stuffed Cushion Cover

Stuffed Toys Design Project – The Farm

Every Christmas I have a little design project that I usually share with those that are close to me. Last year I decided to design a Christmas Card for all my friends and I wrote a post about Christmas card design as well if you want to check that out later. This year I decided to focus my project on the little ones of my family, my niece and my nephew Sofía & Martín. It was their little Christmas present, so it was actually a present from the 3 Wise Kings, they will know in few years when they are not that innocent that the present was designed by their favourite aunt :P.

Stuffed Toy Project - Martin with stuffed toys

Martin with some of the stuffed toys.

The project consisted of the design of stuffed toys with the THE FARM as the theme The illustrations were the following: a pig, two hens, a mill, an apple tree, wheat, the hen house and a barn. The illustrations are designed by me and I also designed a little label with the name of the brand “Chica” (Girl) that I’m using for these special projects. I wrote a blogpost about her as well. Check it out here.

Illustrated Stuffed Cushion Farm

The stuffed toys farm set in a bucket.


Illusrated Stuffed Cushion Farm Detail

Some Stuffed Toys: Apple Tree, Hen House, Barn, Pig


Stuffed Toy Project – The Process

The process for the stuffed toy project was the following:

1 – I first designed the illustrations for printing – starting from sketches initially and then vectorising for print. The company I choose for printing the designs was Spoonflower. I first heard of them when I took part in one of their contests for a tea towel design (and came third :D). By the way Spoonflower is based in California so if you are thinking about ordering something from them factor in that shipping might take 2 or 3 weeks. I had to order the fabric one month in advance to have the cushions ready on time.

I ordered 1 Yard of linen-cotton canvas, very strong fabric for little toys that are going to be handled by kids. If you are interested in starting your own stuffed toy project and want to have your own FARM I made the design public for anyone to buy so you can have your own soft toy farm. Follow this link to Spoonflower and remember to order 1 yard of linen-cotton canvas. You will receive 2 full sets of soft toy patterns and few extras like: big pig, big hen and big wheat on 1 yard of linen.

2 – I bought a nice fabric in a local shop for the back of the cushions, I choose something brown and with squares as I thought it fit the theme.

3 – I bought the stuffing in a local shop as well. I think I used less than half kilo to stuff a full set.

4 – I cut all the illustrations out following the lines so that I could start sewing.

Illustrated Stuffed Cushion Detail Bird

How To Create Your Own Stuffed Toy – Infographic

As a graphic designer and a lover of infographics I could resist putting together an infographic to try help illustrate the steps and process for creating your own stuff toy – hope you like it!

Infographic How to Create Your Own Stuffed Toys

I hope the infographic is clear and if you finally decide to give it a go I hope you enjoy creating and sewing your own stuffed toy farm set as much as I did. I have to say it was a great great experience and I was surprised at how easy it was to make them so I have a few new ideas in mind now for more stuffed toys so stay tuned… Anyway, when I’m not stuffing toys I’m happily working away for clients so if you’d like to become one, then feel free to get in touch :D

Best Logos of 2014 Review

Best Logos 2014 – Logo Design Review

It’s been 4 years since I launched this site but you know what, 2014 was the biggest year yet!

I moved to Madrid at the beginning of the year and that’s when I focused on my job as a graphic designer more seriously and I can’t complain as I’ve gotten a lot of work ranging from CV design to Infographics, Packaging and Web Design but 2014 was the year of the Logo! I’ve designed quite a lot of logos in the last year and for that reason I wanted to make a review of some of the best logos of 2014 and show you some of those that I like the most. I hope you like them too :D

Express Your Gender: Express Your Gender Logo is one of my favourites of 2014. It’s very special because I knew from the beginning that it was going to be difficult to develop the concept, but I liked the challenge and I think the finished logo, and branding, works very nicely. You can read more about it here.
Best Logo Design 2014 Social

WordPress Developer Ireland: This is a personal project, so I had complete freedom to develop the logo :D and I was also the art director of the website as well – still few bits and pieces to finish, but for now the guys are very happy with the results. The WordPress Developer Ireland logo is that kind of logo where it doesn’t just stop with the logo. The main character “the IT guy” is developed throughout the website and is used to help illustrate and explain the different services we offer. Check the website here or if you want you can read more about the logo design process here.
Best Logo Design 2014 WordPress

Lisa Michelle McGalliard: The logo for Lisa was also a very special, she is my first client from US, so I was a little bit nervous at the beginning. Her company is a travel agency offering trips that are a little bit different to normal trips. They are more spiritual, a trip and journey that might change your life. That’s why the dragonfly, to represent the idea of change is there, but it’s very subtle and that’s why I like the logo so much.

The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

Best Logo Design 2014 Travel

Best Logos 2014 – Logo Design Review

Frank Devitt Design Innovation: My client had very clear ideas about what he wanted and he presented them to me in a way that was concise and very helpful which allowed me to come up with what he wanted quickly. I was also the art director for the website so I unified the style and concept of the logo with the the style of the website.
Best Logo Design 2014 Research

Lisa Weir Jewellery: As a fashion designer myself I was very happy to get to design logo for another fashion company. Lisa also told me that she got in contact with me because she loved the style of my illustrations and she was looking for something along those lines that would represent her handmade jewellery. If you want to know more about the whole logo design process for Lisa Weir click here.
Best Logo Design 2014 Community This is one of the last logos I designed in 2014 and it was one of my biggest projects. I designed the logo, I was art director for the website, social media profiles, editing photos, “The Pooka Scale” and also I designed an ad for Aer Lingus Cara magazine. It was a lot of work in the last 2 months of the year working on this project and other logo designs. I enjoyed working on this project a lot and I am very happy with the result, not just the logo itself, but check out this website and let me know what you think or click here if you want to read more about the logo process.
Best Logo Design 2014 Drink

SinglesRepublic: This is the last logo of 2014 for a cool dating web site that is different to dating web sites that everybody knows. That’s why my client requested a logo which avoided any stereotypical love icons or colours like pink and blue. We are currently working on the website so I can’t attach the link yet…but once it’s live, I promise I’ll let you know.
Best Logo Design 2014 Community

Best Logos of 2014 – Infographic!

Along with logos 2014 has also been a good year for me with infographics as I’ve designed quite a few of them and so I thought I’d round out this post with a quick infographic of some of the best logos from 2014!

Infographic Best Logos 2014 Logo Design Review

All in all 2014 was a great year for me for logo work and graphic design in general. Now, let’s see what 2015 is going to offer me :D If you think I can help you with a project, get in touch!

How to Make Your Youtube Thumbnails Stand Out

How to Make Your Youtube Thumbnails Stand Out

As a graphic designer I was asked to design a few Youtube thumbnails designs for a Skincare company. They were looking to get more attention and more clicks on Youtube and of course get more business. The client provided with text an a brief idea of what he wanted to see on the thumbnail, the rest was on me. He wanted to move away from just using a still frame photo from the videos and the make his YouTube thumbails stand out. Creativity here we go!

Before starting with the hardcore design I did a little bit of research on the internet about what elements should be included on the thumbnails to optimise them to get attention. After reading a few articles about it and looking at thumbnails on YouTube and seeing what caught my eye I concluded that the following are 4 important elements that I think should be considered when designing a Youtube thumbnail that will stand out:

1 – Thumbnail Colours:
bright, contrasting (something like neon pink and yellow works very well) and don’t forget to use white to make it “pop”.
Graphic Design Thumbnail Youtube-Colours
2 – Thumbnail Patterns: they don’t need to be over complicated, just basic patterns combined with bright colours is the way to go, and of course a little bit of gradation to avoid very static thumbnails.
Graphic Design Thumbnail Youtube-Colours
3 – Images: don’t add too many images, one image, bright and in focus is enough. Focus all the attention on this image and if you can use a recognizable figure, that will give you extra points.
Graphic Design Thumbnail Youtube-Images
4 – Text: this is a very important part of the design, remember that the thumbnail is small and the text needs to be large enough to read, but not only that, it needs to be interesting. Keep it short and sweet and if you can try to use the word “YOU”, to catch the attention of browsers even.
Graphic Design Thumbnail Youtube-Text

My client doesn’t have the new thumbnails on his Youtube channel yet, but once they are upload I’ll share them with you but for now I’ve just designed a mock-up of what they would look like.




Thumbnails Youtube Before After

How to Make Your Youtube Thumbnails Stand Out

Why should you make your YouTube Thumbnails stand out?
All too often once people have the video created they YouTube video they never give a moments thought to making their YouTube thumbails stand out and this is a big mistake. If you’ve spent time and energy on creating a YouTube video should should follow through and give it the best thumbnail possible to increase the click through rate and views.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and if you have a strong thumbnail image in place for your video then there is a much higher chance of you receiving the click – especially if your video is of the “how to” or information variety as opposed to entertainment. The reason for this is that the entertainment videos are usually a bit more eye catching but there is a huge opportunity to make your YouTube thumbnails stand out for information and how to type content. Furthermore, the likelihood of a conversion from a how to or info type video is a lot higher than the probability of conversion from an entertainment video and so the efforts really should be doubled down on making your YouTube thumbails stand out.

If you need any help with your YouTube thumbails then contact me!

Build Your Website With Style

Web Design: Build your Business Website with Style

Everybody talks about how important is SEO for your website and how to get on the top of Google search, but SEO isn’t worth that much by itself if you haven’t considered the graphic design, style and appearance of your website.
Appearance is not just something that gives style to your website, appearance is a very important element for increasing the trust a user has when they visit your website.

The web developer is in charge of coding, building and SEO proofing your website and the graphic designer is in charge of making your website trustworthy for the user as well as being goal orientated, to do that, they are different elements to account:

1- Page Layout: it’s important to be able to arrange the elements of every page in such a way that the user can find their way easily to whatever they are looking for.
Build Your Website With Style - Page Layout

2- Visual Signals: these elements help to focus the site visitors eyes to where you want them to look.
Build Your Website With Style - Visual Signals

3- Site Structure: one of the main elements is the site navigation which gives the site it’s main structure. Navigation should always be logical with each section of the site easy to access. The idea is to be able to simplify in the navigation menu so the user will find quick and without trouble what they are looking for.
Build Your Website With Style Site Structure

4- Graphic Design: icons, fonts, colours and photos should be used to create the perfect balance between all on page elements. Pages should be connected by similar colours (palette of greens in this example) or pictures (always high quality pictures) making the user experience more pleasant and guiding them around the website. That’s why is important to be consistent with the fonts, layout and colors used and not to overcrowd the pages.

Build Your Website With Style - Graphic Design

5- Responsive Web Design: it’s important that the website is responsive for different devices (tablet, desktop, mobile) to avoid losing users/clients and to ensure that the browsing experience is the best it can be on different devices.

Web Design: Build your Business Website with Style

This blog post is based on my last web design project for and I’m very happy with the final result of the website. The site looks very clean, elegant and minimalistic but at the same time provides an intuitive user experience which is focused on the main site objectives, selling kiln dried firewood. The site launched a few weeks ago and is doing it’s main role well which is the most important part of the web design process, the results!

Perfect Christmas Presents - Logo Design

Logo Design & New Site for Perfect Christmas Presents

I’m writing this blog about a new logo design I did for a Christmas website and at the same time a little fan is blowing behind my chair trying to cool me down as the temperature is around 30 degrees, I get the irony :D

In the last 3-4 days I’ve been working together with my partner building a new website called

As the art director for the project the logo was the first element to be develop. The colours used in the logo were to be used for the site colours as well so all the pressure was on me….no pressure. As this is a personal project time was tight to get it done as client work always comes first!

The biggest problem for me was the name, “”….it’s very long, so it made my job just a little bit more difficult…Again, no pressure.

I designed 4 different logos and we decided to share them with our friends on Facebook and ask for their opinion. This is not the first that we have asked them for help, and they are always very helpful. So then it was the moment of truth, the entire logo process had to be done in 24 hours….again, no pressure at all :)

Perfect Christmas Presents - Logo Designs

Logo Design & New Site for Perfect Christmas Presents

The logo that got most votes was number 3 and to be honest I liked that one too. The only problem that everyone saw was that the word “Presents” in the banner looked more like “Perfect Christmas Presents: The Best Show You’ll See This Christmas” so I needed to do some changes. I tried to change the banner for a Christmas ribbon but it didn’t work at all (3 hours trying different ribbons argggg!!!). So in the end, the logo was modified to make it work for the time constraints that were in place (and for the good of my health…I couldn’t handle drawing more ribbons!).

Below you can see the final logo design for and I like it because it is clean, easy to read, has great balance between all the elements, and I love the little illustration of the present. The logo was also designed to fit the site and it looks even better there :)

Perfect Christmas Presents - Logo Designs - Website

As a bonus I’ll share with you some graphic design and image editing I’ve done for the website. These images all have the logo used in the background and it’s only when you start to use a logo in different formats and places can you how well it “works”. When you’re able to add the logo to a stock photo like this and everything seems to balance that’s when I know the logo is going to work. Hopefully the site will be a success too – need to buy a Christmas present anyone? :d

Perfect Christmas Presents - Logo Designs - Sliders

Graphic Design - Good fonts

I have to confess that I am passionate about fonts, I love discovering new fonts on the web, using them, and then using them again and again and combining different fonts to perfect balance between them.

Over the past 5 years I have done a lot of graphic design work for businesses, especially in the world of hospitality and fashion and I have always considered fonts an important part of design. We all know that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, but if you combine both and create the perfect balance then you have something awesome!

When I’ve been commissioned to design posters, flyers or banners my objective has always been to find the right balance between images and fonts. When I choose a font everything is thought about very carefully, the font has to be the perfect one for the design.

My last project was to develop a set of designs to promote the fashion brand LadyUmbrella. Each graphic design included a quote and an image of some of the LadyUmbrella products or something related to the development of the brand. The objective was to create a bond between the viewer and the brand. Some of the quotes selected were looking to make people think about their own life, although other quotes were just a way to put a smile on their faces.

Graphic Design - Good fonts

Quote: “Write your sad times in the sand. Write your good times in the stone” The background picture was taken in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) and it promotes the LadyUmbrella Notebook.

Fonts - Graphic Design - Great Quotes

Quote: “Life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance you must keep moving”. One of my favourite quotes and probably my favourite graphic design of the lot because of the balance between the fonts and the image.

Fonts - Graphic Design - Quote of the Week

Quote: “Everybody should believe in something. I believe I’ll have another coffee”. The LadyUmbrella team loves coffee and they wanted to tell their followers something about themselves. The mug was hand-painted by the LadyUmbrella team.

Fonts - Graphic Design - Quotes

Quote: “April showers bring May flowers” It was April and it was raining…that was my inspiration…and the umbrella of LadyUmbrella of course.

Fonts - Graphic Design

Quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” LadyUmbrella moved from Dublin to the city of Madrid (Spain) and they wanted to tell all their followers. I got the inspiration from this video I highly recommend you watch it. It talks about leaving the comfort zone in a very artistic way.

Fonts - Quotes - Graphic Design - Siesta

Quote: “Eres de siesta o de fiesta”.. (Are you a siesta or party person?)… it isn’t really a quote but I love everything with rhythm (in Spanish of course).

Follow my Board on Pinterest: “Quote of the Day” if you want to read more interesting quotes.

Logo Design - Graphic Design - Sacs & Co

Logo Design Development and Follow Up

Designing a logo for Sacs & Complements, a clothing company based in Formentera, was an enjoyable experience. Yes, I know I might sound a little bit tacky, but sometimes I have to confess that I really enjoy working as a graphic designer. There are some times that graphic design can be tedious or frustrating…but not this time.

Anna Costa, from Formentera (one of the Balearic Islands) ordered a logo design for her clothing company (handbags mostly). The name of the company was Sacs & Complements and one thing that my client requested was that she wanted something simple and not overcomplicated.

When I start working on a new logo design there are few points I go through before starting the design process:

Keep it Simple: I avoid adding too many colors, multiple fonts or layered images because the logo will get to confused and people/customers won’t know where to focus on. You want to design a logo with simple shapes because it’s easier for your customers to remember.

Psychology of Colours: Each color has a different meaning and when I chose colours for a logo I always check their different meanings before making the final selection. For Sacs & Complements I decided to use a coral colour, it is actually a very trendy colour right now but at the same time it express happiness, energy and desire – qualities that perfectly describe the brand.

logo design - psychology of the colours - graphic design

Logo Design Development and Follow Up

Should you include the name of the brand in the logo?: Logos can or can’t include the name of the brand, if the name is too generic or doesn’t translate well globally you shouldn’t include the name, although if you have to build name recognition then the brand name should be included in the logo design somehow. In the case of Sacs & Complements she wanted to add the name to the logo to build recognition but it was a little bit too long so I suggested to replace it for Sacs & Co instead.

Search the web, to get inspiration – but not copy: I think is important to check logos of other similar businesses and see what you like, or don’t like (I asked my customer to name some clothing brands that she likes herself) as this can help the logo design process. These logos help you to get ideas of what you want to do… but always remember that a logo should be simple, memorable and timeless.

Logo Design - Graphic Design Sacs & Co

The Sacs & Co logo is finished and she loved the idea of a circle of coral around the “&”. The small touch of colour, without being too intrusive, created the perfect balance between the Sacs and the Co. On the other hand it took a while until we found the right font. We decided to go for something more classic. The font is inspired by an old typewriter (the name of the font is actually “American Typewriter”) and gives a little vintage touch to the logo (she uses vintages fabric to create her products). (Did I tell you I love fonts?)

We added the name of Formentera to the logo for marketing purposes. Her products are made in Formentera, making her brand very exclusive and unique.

Logo Design - Graphic Designer

Logo Design - Graphic Design - Sacs&Co

If you’re lucky enough to go this summer to Formentera you can check this brand at Full Moon Shop, located in Sant Francesc Xavier.

Logo Design - Graphic Design - Clothing Logo

To a degree I’m like a proud mother with some of my logos and I love seeing what clients do with them and use them for. I particularly like the wooden box with the logo scorched into it – pretty cool!

..and if you are thinking about getting a new logo or maybe just want to redesign your current logo, then contact me and we can talk about it :D

Tea Towel Design

My Tea Towel Design for Spoonflower

A week ago I was surprisingly announced as a finalist in first contest as a graphic designer. I’ve received an e-mail telling me that my Tea Towel Design was among the top 10 finalists in Spoonflower contest. Yeah!!!

I decided to participate in one of the weekly contests by Spoonflower but firstly what is Spoonflower? Spoonflower is a website where you can upload your designs (usually patterns) and print them in fabric, wallpaper or gift paper. They have a huge community as well so you can also print other designers designs. They are located in US but they ship anywhere around the world.

I found Spoonflower by chance when I was looking for a company able to print some designs for my clothing company LadyUmbrella, searching the web I saw their weekly contest (with a different theme every week). I decided to give it a go because I had a little bit of time and because I loved the theme for the contest that week: “Moms Recipe Tea Towels”

Tea Towel Design - Tomato Illustration
Tea Towel Design - Olive Oli Illustration
Tea Towel Design - Onion Illustration
Tea Towel Design - Garlic Illustration

The contest was asking for a design with one of your mum’s recipes. I needed to choose one of my mum’s recipe but my first thought was that I might have a problem trying to illustrate one of my mum’s recipes. She is a great cook of Spanish food, like potato omelette (potatoes, eggs and onions) or chicken soup (pasta and chicken stock), delicious but the colours of the ingredients were very pale and they weren’t going to work at all. From the beginning at I had clear that I wanted ingredients with bright colours to give a very eye catching tea towel, my mum’s recipes weren’t ideal for it.
On the other hand Spanish food is not as well known as Italian, Mexican or Chinese food, so my chances of winning the contest might have been reduced due to that reason.

Tea Towel Design - Tomato Soup Illustration

I decided to use my boyfriend’s mum’s recipe, he is Irish and so was his mum. She was a great cook and she had lots of great recipes but I decided to use her Tomato Soup recipe because the ingredients were perfect to create a bright tea towel, ingredients with reds, oranges and greens colours will do perfectly.

Firstly I hand drew every ingredient (tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, carrots, olive oil, salt and pepper), then I scanned the illustrations and proceeded to draw them with Illustrator CS. I then added the colours digitally and the last thing to do was to add the text.
The font in the design is called “Skinny”, I don’t use it regularly but it is very handy when you need to create something with a casual look.

Tea Towel Design - Fabric

Although I didn’t win the contest I’m very happy to be among the top 10 finalists (it was my first contest!) Also the tea towel is on sale on Spoonflower and it is selling quite well. I love the idea of people using my tea towel design in their kitchen.

I decided to participate in another contest again…. so wish me luck.

5 things you should know before purchasing your logo


When a client asked me to design a logo for them I always thought that the customer should have some previous information about how the process is going to develop and what they are going to get at the end, when the logo is finally design. That’s why I decided to do a list with 5 things that anyone should know before reaching a graphic designer and request a logo.

It is very important that you have an idea of what you want. Give the graphic designer few guidelines and also tell his/her what not to do.

Vectors can be enlarged or reduced, to any size, this allows you to print your logo on the side of a pencil or a billboard without losing sharpness or clarity.
Logo Design - Vector
Sneak Peek of a new logo I’m working right now for a Yoga Studio

Make sure that the final logo is clear and simple, just up to 2-3 colors. Remember that the logo is how you project your brand and create a reaction in the viewer. Try to avoid complexity.
Logo Design - Simplicity
Logo Design for Pygmalion
Logo Design - Graphic Designer
You will receive a presentation of few different designs of your logo. Now is time for you to decide. Don’t be afraid to ask for variations of the designs or even ask the graphic designer or people close to you for their opinion.

Logo Design - Concepts
Logo Design for Sacs & Co, a fashion company based in Formentera (Spain) that is going to launch very soon…stay tunned

Your logo is finished and the graphic designer needs to give your logo in different formats:
– Vector format: EPS, PDF or AI (Adobe Illustrator).
– CMYK file.
– Pure black file (graphic designer has to provide a logo that works in black and white)
– White knockout file
– RGB file
Generally you would receive them in TIFF (1500×1500 at 300DPI), and JPEG / PNG (800×800 at 72DPI) formats (you could request a favicon as well)
Logo Design - Formats

Logo Design for

Infographic Design - Google Plus and Martin Shervington

Cosmic Infographic Design

During 2013 I’ve been doing some infographics for different clients like Amara and Robert Ryan and as you might know infographics are one of the most shared types of content on social media. So I was happily surprised to see some of my infographics being shared few hundreds, and even thousands, of times. Like this one

As a result of designing that infographic for Robert Ryan, Martin Shervington asked Rob to help design a cosmic infographic for him about Google Plus. Martin is big in Google Plus (currently 370,000 followers), which is a network I’m trying to get more active so I was happy to work with Martin.

Icon - Spaceship and Alien

Cosmic Infographic: Design Process

To start working on an infographic firstly you need the content and some basic information like: theme, colours, desired style and any font considerations.
Martin Shervington provided all the content and he told us that he wanted and infographic with a cosmic theme (rocketship, planets, aliens…)
Icon - Satellite
and so Rob and I brainstormed a few idea that we developed during the design process like: planet with advertisements, rocket, aliens, spaceman…the most difficult part was to fit the content around the different graphics and create a balance between words and image.
Icon - PlanetWhen the first few ideas were on the screen we sent the first draft of the infographic to Martin to get his feedback and thematic green light. For the final draft Martin consulted with a few others from the Google+ community and this iterative process yielded a few more changes until completion. Thankfully Martin was happy with the result.
Icon - Spaceship
All the illustrations are designed are by me with Illustrator and I tried to use the predominant colours of Google+.
The design work took around 10 hours and additional 2 hours of reediting. As a result of doing this infographic I’ve now added infographic design as a new service I’m offering so if you’re interested then get in touch!

I hope that you like it and…. don’t forget to share it ;)
Infographic Design - Countdown To Blasting Off On Google +

Infographic Design

Give Your Business An Infographic And..

Infographic design is something that I’ve been doing a lot of recently for a few clients. From designing these infographics for them, and seeing how they have spread, I’ve been able to see a few benefits of infographics, which I’ve highlighted below (with an infographic of course!).

When approaching infographic design, like all graphic design work, I first work with the client to extract the info for the infographic. The best way to receive the info is in rough doodle or sketch, stickmen and pointy arrows type thing, as this gives me an idea of what has to be portrayed. After that it’s a case of finding the best way to visually represent the concept or info.

Now, onto the benefits of infographics – people will share the infographic, people will talk about the infographic, people will post the infographic on different social networks, people will engage with it, people will visit your website because of it, people will be exposed to your branding! All of these and more can happy with a good infographic.

If my explanation wasn’t clear enough I’ve designed an infographic about that where I am talking about which shows 6 benefits you can get with an infographic about something related to your business. These 6 benefits are the following:

1- Present Tricky Concepts Visually
A picture tells a thousands words and an infographic can help you get your message or pint across clearly
2- Establish Authority
An infographic allows you to demonstrate your knowledge in a given area which helps you establish authority for that niche
3- Increase Awareness Of Your Brand
Infographics can be branded and as they spread so does your branding
4- Get Social Traction
As social media becomes more visual, infographics are a great way to get some social traction as they garner a lot of engagement
5- Increase Traffic To Your Website
Infographics are great for sending targeted traffic to your site. If someone finds an infographic useful the odds are they will visit your site or accompanying blog post
6- Reap the SEO Benefits
Good infographics get you good, organic back links as people share and link back to your website.

Infographic Design - Business

Infographic Design Examples

I would like to show you as well few examples of infographics that I have done for and They have used them in different social networks like Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook as well as sharing on their business blog.

Infographic Hovercard Google Plus
Client: – has over 30,000 views on Google Plus alone.

Infographic Beauty
Client: – which generated social chatter and some backlinks.

Infographic about Google+

Client: RobertRyan.ieover 250 shares on Google Plus!

If you’re thinking about getting an infographic for your business please get in touch!