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Category: Branding

ITERATE & IMPROVE: 3 Branding & Design Refreshes Menu Design Not all projects are logo projects and that’s ok. Whilst it’s true that a lot of my project work is for full logo design and branding during any given week I could be working brochures, logos, packaging, web design. Here are some recent projects that […]

LadyUmbrella. New Logo

LadyUmbrella was my first project as a graphic designer and fashion designer. It was in 2007 when I started drawing my first sketches of LadyUmbrella (a lady with an umbrella as a head) and did her logo design and I’ve been drawing her ever since. The brand has been developed throughout the years and we […]

design twitter background

Recently I updated my twitter background design after being advised by Robert Ryan (a social media connoisseur) to do so. He thinks Twitter is a good social network to let people know about your work and promote yourself….so I have to give it a try. Although I’m designing my first personal twitter background, I’ve been […]

Logo Design Robert Ryan

A recent web design and branding project that I completed for encompassed a full suite of graphics for his site, along with logo design, business card design and social media graphics. These are the type of design jobs I like where the client wants to try something a little bit different and is happy […]