For web development I work with the WordPress web developer Robert Ryan. While I’m in charge of web design, photo selection, site style and branding, Rob builds the site following my guidelines but also thinking about the functionality of the site and always ensuring that SEO is in mind throughout the design and development phases. The final result of the web development is a professionally designed website that users will find easy to use, and maybe more importantly, will be easy to find.

Wordpress Approach - Dublin - Elena Montes Agency

Wordpress Approach

We approach web design differently compared to most other web design agencies out there. We focus on results and work backwards from there. We know you want your site to deliver leads and business and so we build your sites with those end goals in mind. We follow a design process that allows us to deliver a professional site in a no nonsense manner – we cut out the unnecessary back and forth.

Web Design Deliverables - Elena Montes Ireland

Web Design Deliverables

After engaging in a web development project with us you will have a fully responsive, SEO friendly, WordPress based site that is locked and loaded with the features your site needs to be user friendly, compliant and secure. All of our web development packages also include a free hour of training so you’ll understand how to best use your CMS to add new posts or make any edits and you’ll have full access to the site.

Web Design Packages - Dublin - Elena Montes Agency

Web Design Packages

Whether you are looking to build a new WordPress site, convert your existing site to WordPress or rebuild an existing WordPress site we have a web design package for you. All of our prices are transparent and given up front. We can also complete full design and development for eCommerce sites and also have a lot of experience providing web development work for NGOs and Government agencies. Get in touch to see how we can help you with your project!

Web Development Examples

All of my web development projects are fully responsive, user friendly and designed with SEO in mind!

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