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Designing a logo for Sacs & Complements, a clothing company based in Formentera, was an enjoyable experience. Yes, I know I might sound a little bit tacky, but sometimes I have to confess that I really enjoy working as a graphic designer. There are some times that graphic design can be tedious or frustrating…but not this time.

Anna Costa, from Formentera (one of the Balearic Islands) ordered a logo design for her clothing company (handbags mostly). The name of the company was Sacs & Complements and one thing that my client requested was that she wanted something simple and not overcomplicated.

When I start working on a new logo design there are few points I go through before starting the design process:

Keep it Simple: I avoid adding too many colors, multiple fonts or layered images because the logo will get to confused and people/customers won’t know where to focus on. You want to design a logo with simple shapes because it’s easier for your customers to remember.

Psychology of Colours: Each color has a different meaning and when I chose colours for a logo I always check their different meanings before making the final selection. For Sacs & Complements I decided to use a coral colour, it is actually a very trendy colour right now but at the same time it express happiness, energy and desire – qualities that perfectly describe the brand

Logo Design Development and Follow Up

Should you include the name of the brand in the logo?: Logos can or can’t include the name of the brand, if the name is too generic or doesn’t translate well globally you shouldn’t include the name, although if you have to build name recognition then the brand name should be included in the logo design somehow.
In the case of Sacs & Complements she wanted to add the name to the logo to build recognition but it was a little bit too long so I suggested to replace it for Sacs & Co instead.

Logo Designer Designer Dublin

Search the web, to get inspiration – but not copy: I think is important to check logos of other similar businesses and see what you like, or don’t like (I asked my customer to name some clothing brands that she likes herself) as this can help the logo design process. These logos help you to get ideas of what you want to do… but always remember that a logo should be simple, memorable and timeless.

Sacs & Co

The Sacs & Co logo is finished and she loved the idea of a circle of coral around the “&”. The small touch of colour, without being too intrusive, created the perfect balance between the Sacs and the Co. On the other hand it took a while until we found the right font. We decided to go for something more classic.

The font is inspired by an old typewriter (the name of the font is actually “American Typewriter”) and gives a little vintage touch to the logo (she uses vintages fabric to create her products). (Did I tell you I love fonts?)

We added the name of Formentera to the logo for marketing purposes. Her products are made in Formentera, making her brand very exclusive and unique.

Logo Design - Graphic Designer Ireland

If you’re lucky enough to go this summer to Formentera you can check this brand at Full Moon Shop – Formentera, located in Sant Francesc Xavier.

Logo Design Clothing Company - Ibiza

To a degree I’m like a proud mother with some of my logos and I love seeing what clients do with them and use them for. I particularly like the wooden box with the logo scorched into it – pretty cool!

..and if you are thinking about getting a new logo or maybe just want to redesign your current logo, then contact me and we can talk about it 😀

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