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Category: Logo Design

ITERATE & IMPROVE: 3 Branding & Design Refreshes Menu Design Not all projects are logo projects and that’s ok. Whilst it’s true that a lot of my project work is for full logo design and branding during any given week I could be working brochures, logos, packaging, web design. Here are some recent projects that […]

Best Logos of 2014 Review

Best Logos 2014 – Logo Design Review It’s been 4 years since I launched this site but you know what, 2014 was the biggest year yet! I moved to Madrid at the beginning of the year and that’s when I focused on my job as a graphic designer more seriously and I can’t complain as […]

Perfect Christmas Presents - Logo Design

Logo Design & New Site for Perfect Christmas Presents I’m writing this blog about a new logo design I did for a Christmas website and at the same time a little fan is blowing behind my chair trying to cool me down as the temperature is around 30 degrees, I get the irony :D In […]

Logo Design - Graphic Design - Sacs & Co

Logo Design Development and Follow Up Designing a logo for Sacs & Complements, a clothing company based in Formentera, was an enjoyable experience. Yes, I know I might sound a little bit tacky, but sometimes I have to confess that I really enjoy working as a graphic designer. There are some times that graphic design […]

5 things you should know before purchasing your logo

5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR LOGO When a client asked me to design a logo for them I always thought that the customer should have some previous information about how the process is going to develop and what they are going to get at the end, when the logo is finally design. […]

LadyUmbrella. New Logo

LadyUmbrella was my first project as a graphic designer and fashion designer. It was in 2007 when I started drawing my first sketches of LadyUmbrella (a lady with an umbrella as a head) and did her logo design and I’ve been drawing her ever since. The brand has been developed throughout the years and we […]