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Infographc design is something I’ve done quite a lot of recently for a few clients. Infographics are a great medium to use to get your point across, be it online or in print. They are be particularly useful online when done as part of a wider campaign.

Infographic Design Approach

Infographic design is all about getting your information displayed in a way that will chime with your target market. To that end the first thing required is the text content itself and any notes on theme/branding/colours to be used for the infographic. Once they have been received then I can start to prototype the infographic (a rough mock up of how it will look) before designing in Illustrator.

Infographic Design Deliverables

At the end of your infographic design project you will have either the completed artwork for your infographic (in whatever format your require) OR the final printed infographics.

Infographics Design

Infographic Design Benefits

There are a plethora of reasons as to why infographic design can benefit your business. A well laid out, info laden infographic is a piece of content which will receive numerous shares online which will enhance your brand awareness, authority, create SEO positive social signals and create backlinks. Check out my infographic about infographics

Infographic Design Examples

Check out some of my previous infographic design work here:

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