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Drinks Menu Design – “THE FRUSTRATION”

drinks menu design - pygmalion

For the last few days I’ve been working on a design project for a Cafe in Dublin where I used to work before…and where I had some good times and good memories.

They requested a standing menu design for their tables. They wanted the drinks & dessert menu to display: desserts, pastries, ices creams, wines, beers and few more little things :P To be honest I thought I was going to have to tell them that maybe I wasn’t going to be able to add all of the elements to it, but at the end I was able to fit everything onto the little menu.
The menu is folded A4, printed on both sides and laminated to give it a longer life.

I wanted to show you a little bit of the design process as well, in particular a part of the process that not that not too many people talk about, the “FRUSTRATION.

Drinks Menu Design

Drinks Menu Design – The Frustration

Did you ever get the feeling that the ideas for the design, or whatever you want to create, just won’t come into your head? A feeling like your muse has abandoned you, that whatever you try to draw or design is just sh**!..well you can see some of my “frustration” in the above!

Drinks Menu Design – “THE FRUSTRATION”

…when this happens to me (the “FRUSTRATION”), I just close the laptop and go to watch a movie, read a book or play Candy Crush ;)

..and it works…I think!

Menu design. SketchesFor the final menu design I decided to play with 3 colors: black, white and pink (their logo is pink). I added few icons for the carafe, jam jars, banners and added some little stars to the menu to give it a little bit of movement. Images help to send a message and I always try to use as many as I can. The menu is divided into sections to make it easier to read. The final touch of this design was to add a little bit of noise and texture to the background so the colors are not completely plain.

The menu has been presented to the client and just a few changes have been made – adding some new items and changing the colours slightly.

I think they were happy with the final design and every time people are happy with my design I feel a big relief.

Have a nice day and if you’ve a design project for me please get in touch!

PS I’ll post more images of the menu when is printed ;)