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Web Design and Art Direction –

ExpressYourGender was one of my first logo design projects from a while ago and one of my favourites works so far. Logo design is all about working with the client so that the end product is to the clients liking and, I’m happy to say that the client is now very happy with the results. I suppose the best proof of that is that months after designing the logo Rachel, from Express Your Gender, asked me if I wanted to design her website…and of course the answer was, yes I do. :D

The design of the site that she was looking for was something along the lines of the logo design: a casual look but one that also looked professional and used the same colours as the logo: yellow, pink and blue. I usually advise not to use more than 2 main colours for the site but in this case it had sense to use those colours and I think the combination works well.

Web Design and Art Direction –

The website includes a page for sponsorship which is a very important part of the site. This page needed a little bit more love and so I designed some custom graphics around the main d the icon of the brand – the strawberry – to make the page more engaging and which will hopefully lead to more donations :)

You can see the mock up of the homepage below and view the live site here. This is the image that the client received to show them how the website will look when the web developers put the site together. The homepage design is the first step for the design of the site and once the homepage is designed, the design of the inner pages starts using the same style as the homepage: fonts, colours, stock photos (if the client needs them)…

  • Tools used: Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Web Design - Dublin -

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