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Logo Design - Fashion Logo - StyleSnatcher

Logo Design – StyleSnatcher

Logo Design for the online shop of clothing company StyleSnatcher

  • Client:StyleSnatcher
  • Tools used: Illustrator & Photoshop

This project had a few elements to it: logo design, watermarking of product images and social media graphics. The client wanted the logo to retain the same identity as their old logo but with a more clean and polished look. The process for development was vectorising the old logo and then playing with different fonts to try strike the right balance. The grating style of the fonts meant that a lot of refining was required to get the balance right and the introduction of the graphic element of the hanger helped create the balance but also set the tone for what StyleSnatcher is all about.

Logo Design - Icon - Social Media - StyleSnatcher

The above is the adaption or shorthand version of the full logo for StyleSnatcher which was used for watermarking products and also for their social media presences.

Icon Design Logo - Fashion Logo - StyleSnatcher

Project Details