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Logo Design -

Logo Design – Perfect Christmas Presents is a new website aimed at taking the hassle out of buying Christmas presents. The site selects gift items from Amazon and then display the selection in a way that makes it easy for people to find, hopefully, the perfect Christmas presents.

  • Client: Perfect Christmas Present
  • Tools used: Illustrator

The client wanted the logo to be simple, clean and with representative colours of Christmas (red and green). The format of the logo needed to be suitable for the website and horizontal format was required. The logo is composed for 2 different fonts to create movement – it’s not recommended to use more than 3 fonts for a logo design – sans serif and handwriting, although the fonts are quite different there is balance between them.

The logo is already on the new site and you can check it here or if you want to know more about you can check the blog I wrote about the development.

Due to the sizing of the logo it doesn’t work in all formats for social media. To solve this I had to isolate one of the elements of the logo and adapt it slightly. Like I always say, if the logo design works in a few different formats and can be malleable then it’s on it’s way to being a good logo. The below is what is used on some social media channels for

Icon Design -

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