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Logo Design Pyg Cafe

Branding – Pyg Cafe

Pyg Cafe was one of my first jobs as a graphic designer and they are one of the clients that I have done the most amount of work for. Over the years I have done hundreds of different design projects for them but here I want to show the most significant jobs I’ve done for them: packaging, poster, menus, logo, business card…

You can see more of my designs on the Facebook fanpage for Pyg Cafe:

Tools Used: Canon EOS 500D, Photoshop CS

Print design waffle time Pyg Cafe

Menu Design Kids Pyg Cafe

Business Card Design Pyg Cafe

Profile Design Facebook Pyg Cafe

Poster design homemade drinks Pyg Cafe

Packaking design cookies Pyg Cafe

Print design waffle time Pyg Cafe

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