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Category: Illustration Design

Illustrated Stuffed Cushion Cover

Stuffed Toys Design Project – The Farm Every Christmas I have a little design project that I usually share with those that are close to me. Last year I decided to design a Christmas Card for all my friends and I wrote a post about Christmas card design as well if you want to check […]

Christmas Card Design

I wanted to design some simple Christmas cards for my family & friends but I don’t know what happened along the way as somehow I got involved in something that instead of taking a few hours took a few days – I have no regrets though. I am very happy with the results and for […]

Fonts that I love

Fonts are a very important part of my graphic design. It is one of the steps in my graphic design process that takes the most amount of time for me to decide upon. I search for new fonts all the time as there are always new fonts to discover and I’m always looking to innovate. […]

Comic Strip - Chica

So, I’ve had an idea in my head for a while about doing a simple comic strip with a few illustrations featuring my “Chica” character. I’ve been a fan of Agustina Guerrero from Argentina and her Diario de una Volatil illustrations for years and figured it was time to do some of my own – […]

Design Menu Yannick & Louise

For the last few days I’ve been working on a special project that I’m very happy to be a part of. Yannick & Louise (well it was actually just Louise) called me and asked me to design some menus with nice illustrations for a pop up dinner they are going to do in few days. […]

My Little LadyU illustrations, an offshoot of my LadyUmbrella clothing brand, are becoming more than a hobby. I enjoy creating Little LadyU illustrations to try different illustration techniques to refine my skills but I’ve also embarked on a big print design project with Little LadyU – a 280 page notebook. When not busy with client […]