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Category: Graphic Design

ITERATE & IMPROVE: 3 Branding & Design Refreshes Menu Design Not all projects are logo projects and that’s ok. Whilst it’s true that a lot of my project work is for full logo design and branding during any given week I could be working brochures, logos, packaging, web design. Here are some recent projects that […]

Illustrated Stuffed Cushion Cover

Stuffed Toys Design Project – The Farm Every Christmas I have a little design project that I usually share with those that are close to me. Last year I decided to design a Christmas Card for all my friends and I wrote a post about Christmas card design as well if you want to check […]

How to Make Your Youtube Thumbnails Stand Out

How to Make Your Youtube Thumbnails Stand Out As a graphic designer I was asked to design a few Youtube thumbnails designs for a Skincare company. They were looking to get more attention and more clicks on Youtube and of course get more business. The client provided with text an a brief idea of what […]

Graphic Design - Good fonts

I have to confess that I am passionate about fonts, I love discovering new fonts on the web, using them, and then using them again and again and combining different fonts to perfect balance between them. Over the past 5 years I have done a lot of graphic design work for businesses, especially in the […]

Tea Towel Design

My Tea Towel Design for Spoonflower A week ago I was surprisingly announced as a finalist in first contest as a graphic designer. I’ve received an e-mail telling me that my Tea Towel Design was among the top 10 finalists in Spoonflower contest. Yeah!!! I decided to participate in one of the weekly contests by […]

Infographic Design - Google Plus and Martin Shervington

Cosmic Infographic Design During 2013 I’ve been doing some infographics for different clients like Amara and Robert Ryan and as you might know infographics are one of the most shared types of content on social media. So I was happily surprised to see some of my infographics being shared few hundreds, and even thousands, of […]

Infographic Design

Give Your Business An Infographic And.. Infographic design is something that I’ve been doing a lot of recently for a few clients. From designing these infographics for them, and seeing how they have spread, I’ve been able to see a few benefits of infographics, which I’ve highlighted below (with an infographic of course!). When approaching […]

Christmas Card Design

I wanted to design some simple Christmas cards for my family & friends but I don’t know what happened along the way as somehow I got involved in something that instead of taking a few hours took a few days – I have no regrets though. I am very happy with the results and for […]

Drinks Menu Design - PygCafe

Graphic Design – Drinks & Dessert Menu Design – Pyg Cafe When doing all graphic design jobs I like break the project down into different chunks so that I can view the project from different perspectives. This drinks and dessert menu graphic design project for Pyg Cafe was no different. Throughout the design process I […]

Fonts that I love

Fonts are a very important part of my graphic design. It is one of the steps in my graphic design process that takes the most amount of time for me to decide upon. I search for new fonts all the time as there are always new fonts to discover and I’m always looking to innovate. […]

design twitter background

Recently I updated my twitter background design after being advised by Robert Ryan (a social media connoisseur) to do so. He thinks Twitter is a good social network to let people know about your work and promote yourself….so I have to give it a try. Although I’m designing my first personal twitter background, I’ve been […]

Graphic Design Facebook Competition

When Pyg Restaurant started with their Facebook competition they knew that they needed great images to catch their audiences attention.  In that case a  little bit of graphic design needed to be done and so I got on the case…Below you can see of the graphics that I designed for their Facebook competitions. They idea of […]