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Print Design - Nede - Dublin

One of the clients I’ve done work for in the past, NEDE Restaurant, got in touch when they wanted to create a promotional campaign to raise awareness about the arrival of the new restaurant.

I came up with the design concept for the poster, playing on the name NEDE, to try train people how to say the restaurant name properly (the restaurant pronounce it like need) and also to highlight the strengths of the restaurant. The end result was then scaled up to 5m x 3m and printed on vinyl.

This concept and poster then became the basis for a suite of promotional material.
Print Design - Nede Restaurant - Dublin

Logo Design Robert Ryan

A recent web design and branding project that I completed for encompassed a full suite of graphics for his site, along with logo design, business card design and social media graphics. These are the type of design jobs I like where the client wants to try something a little bit different and is happy to let me lead the creative side of it.